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Many-banded Aracari in Sucusari, Loreto, Peru (1/15/2022)

Birdwatching outside Iquitos (1/15/2022)

Clay lick used heavily by Tapir (1/15/2022)

Chambira jumped right into our boat (1/10/2022)


Banding a Blackburnian Warbler, Braddock Bay (4/29/2021)

Magnolia Warbler, Braddock Bay (4/27/2021)

cayuga Lake fishing, Ithaca, NY (3/13/2021)

Scarlet Tanager, Braddock Bay (5/1/2021)

Lake Rosevelt, WA (7/12/2021)

Ithaca summer (8/10/2021)


Yellowstone, WY, w/ Caelan (8/20/2020)

Los Barriles, MX, w/ Brown Pelican (1/28/2020)

Black Hills NP, SD (8/26/2020)

Bison bone Yellowstone (8/29/2020)

Moab, UT w/ Lauren (7/13/2020)

Devils Tower, WY w/ Emily (9/18/2020)

Telluride CO, via ferrata Photo taken by Lauren Duvall (7/18/2020)

Westport, WA Photo taken my Markelle (7/10/2020)

Yellowstone, WY, w/ Caelan (9/15/2020)

Atlantic Salmon, Fall Creek, Ithaca (10/20/2020)

Badlands NP w/ Emily (9/10/2020)


Commencement speech given at Huxley College graduation, WWU (6/18/2019)

Mt. Baker, WA Photo by Lucas Gibbons (2/12/2019)

Dr. John McLaughlin, Grande Ronde River, OR (4/13/2019)

River guiding on the Grande Ronde, OR (4/13/2019)

2018 (and earlier)

North Cascades, Mt. Baker, WA (7/27/2018)

Juvenile Northern Goshawk, Hawk Watch Raptor Banding Site, Chelan Ridge (10/13/2018)

CR w/ Luke (5/06/2016)

Enchantments, WA Photo taken my FOrrest GOlic (7/5/2015)

Tree frog in Costa Rica (6/22/2016)

Bald Eagle on the Nooksack River, WA Photo by my good friend Lucas Gibbons (12/12/2018)

Monteverde, CR w/ Luke (6/28/2016)

DFW Crew in the North Cascades, WA (9/22/2018)

Tracking mountain goats w/ Randy, Darrington, WA (9/17/2018)

North Cascades, WA w/ my good friend Forrest (9/15/2017)

Herecium Mushroom, Central Cascades, WA (8/6/2018)